Drink Specials


Pop/Dirty Pop (NSYNC)
See what the deal is with this pop life.
Pop = Frappe with white chocolate and vanilla blended with pop rocks and topped with whip and edible glitter.

Dirty Pop = Same as above with a shot of espresso.

Troll Soda
A raspberry, blackberry, and vanilla soda topped with cotton candy “hair.” 
Soda: raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, cotton candy

As If! (Clueless)

This drink is totally fabulous and right out of Cher’s maid’s cookbook. 
Cold Drink: a pink drink with strawberry, peach, coconut milk, and strawberry slices shaken together and served over ice. 

The Rachel (Friends)
The character (and haircut) that swept the 90’s.
Latte: mocha and hazelnut

One More Time (Britney Spears)
I must confess… this drink is delicious. Britney inspired twist on a seasonal favorite.
Latte: Housemade lavender and thyme syrup.

Slime (Nickelodeon)

You know you’ve always wanted to try it. The famous slime from your childhood now in a drink!
Creme Frappe: Orange creme frappe with sour green white chocolate slime coating the cup

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