Thunderhead places in Golden Bean Competition

Vienna Coffee Company is proud to announce that our Thunderhead Espresso placed in the Golden Bean Competition in North America! The Thunderhead Espresso is what Vienna Coffee House uses in all of their specialty espresso based drinks. This unique blend features our Sumatra Gayoland and Mexican Chiapas coffees and has rich, chocolate notes with hints of fruit. This organic espresso makes any latte a treat!

The Pentair® Everpure Golden Bean is the world’s largest coffee roasters competition and conference. This competition endeavors to find North America’s best coffee roasting business with coffees being judged as Espresso, Milk and Filter beverages with medals awarded 10 award categories. This particular espresso placed bronze in the category of organic espresso in the competition this year. Over 100 coffee roasting companies and affiliates participate in the competition and Vienna Coffee Company is honored to be recognized this year!

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NEW COFFEE!! Two Lions Blend

Vienna Coffee Company is rolling out a brand new coffee! Our brand new Two Lions Blend coffee is comprised of two delicious Ethiopian coffees that gives you the best of both worlds! This coffee starts with the clean, natural sugar of the washed Yirgacheffe coffee beans and finishes with the berry sweetness and wine of the pulped natural Sidamo coffee beans.

The coffee beans come from the farms of the Konga Cooperative and of Asnaketch Thomas (Amaro Gayo) respectively. These two farms are lions in their own respect, being powerful forces within the coffee world. The Two Lions Blend is a medium, full city roast, which compliments the sweet, fruitier notes of the Ethiopian coffee.

This coffee blend will be featured for the month of September at Vienna Coffee House and will be available for retail purchases soon!

Tasting Notes: Brown Sugar, berries, red wine
Aroma: Cherry and spice 

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