2013 Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser – Harvest Boun-Tea

Please join us for an afternoon Harvest Boun-Tea and music
Sunday, September 8, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
at Vienna Coffee House

Cost: $40 / person (seating limited to 40)
100% of the proceeds go to Blount County Habitat for Humanity
To purchase tickets, contact Leslie Woodall at Blount County Habitat, 865.982.8717 or Vienna Coffee House 865.681.0517


Herb and smoked cheddar cheese scone
Mixed greens with crispy blacked-eyed peas and homemade vinaigrette
Curried butternut squash soup
Chicken pecan quiche and roasted vegetables
Blackberry cornmeal cake with lemon zest whipped cream
Harney and Sons Fine Teas:
Blackberry Iced Tea, Earl Grey and Mint Verbena tea

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