Sustainable Practices

We, at the Vienna Coffee House, strive to be better stewards of our environment and community. We recycle glass, plastics, cardboard, steel, aluminum and newspaper. We also have a great customer that picks up all of our coffee grounds for composting! We usually have 4 or more five gallon containers full per week! That saves so much waste from the land fill and helps her to grow great fruits and veggies too!

We always have glasses or mugs for our customers having their smoothies or coffees “in house” to keep plastic and paper cups out of the landfill. Do you want pallets?  The roastery has a bunch of pallets with more coming in all the time. These are great for all of your crafting needs. Help us to re-purpose these by calling the roastery at (865)-681-0517.

Did you know that the Vienna Coffee House also uses an espresso blend, Thunderhead Espresso, that is organic and fair-trade certified? We also offer many different variety of coffees to buy that are organic, fair-trade certified and shade grown. Here’s a great link to learn more about the labels of sustainable coffees:

We hope to include more locally produced food into our menu and we are proud to participate in the Maryville Farmers Market selling coffee by the cup every Saturday morning.

Our goal is to continue to find new, innovative ways to be eco-friendly and we welcome suggestions from our customers on how we can improve!

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