Testing out some new coffees

Drip bar at Vienna coffee houseWe are so excited about a few new coffees that we have been cupping. We are working on the roast right now to make sure that it we bring out all of the wonderful notes in these coffees. We are featuring some on our drip already so check them out. Currently we are getting the following tasting notes:

  • El Majahual from El Salvador grown by Thrive Coffee Farmers (Tasting notes: Mild red apple, cocoa and stonefruit)
  • Uganda Bugisu – We will roast this coffee with two different kinds of roasts. (Tasting notes: medium roast – well rounded, full bodied with milk chocolate notes. medium dark – chocolate notes with hints of cedar and pipe tobacco.)
  • Organic Java Taman Dadar – (fully washed) Rainforest certified. (Tasting notes: bright with hints of fruit, maple and Chocolate.  It has a long peppery finish.  Pretty unique!)

We’ll be selling these coffees in retail shortly, so check back soon!

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